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How Women Take Better Care of Their Health Than Men

09th November 2012
Itís a known fact that women take better of their health than men. Why is that? It appears that men consistently misperceive their level of risk according to psychologist Will Courtenay, author of Dying to Be Men. And that misperception can allow serious ... Read >

Let Your Brain Be Your Guide To Fitness

08th November 2012
Letís look at four ways you can use your brain to help you become successful with your training program. Fatigue might feel as if it begins in your body. You know the signs; aching muscles, waning strength etc. Research suggests that your mind plays a key... Read >

A Focus on Core Training

02nd November 2012
ABS That Last For a more effective AB Training, timing is everything. It is important not to skip your abdominal work, not only because you want to develop an impressive looking midsection but also to build a stronger core, which will give you more str... Read >